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The school organizes courses for children and adults
  • English language
  • German language
  • Italian language (above 16 years only)
  • Spanish language (above 16 years only)
  • Albanian language
  • Turkish language
  • Macedonian for foreigners

We make preparation for TOEFL and IELTS certificate.

Standard courses start from the 15-th of September but the enrolment starts from the 1-st of September.

Courses for adults last 4 months, students have classes twice a week/ 90min. each class. The price is 1200 den. a month. At the end of each course they have a final test and get a diploma.

Number of the students in each group is from 5-10 students.


For those who cannot fit in a group we have also individual classes.

  • 400den-60min.
  • 600den.-90min.


Also, we offer a discount.
Two members from the same family have 100den monthly discount. If a student follows two courses , has the same discount.


The teachers working in this school are highly professional and experienced.


Working conditions are excellent, with highly equipped classrooms- (video and audio presenting of the material)

We work according to the latest teaching programs, under the European standards. The classes are complemented with creative, interactive teaching, in a very pleasant atmosphere.



Learn foreign languages according to well known methods.