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Take Your English To The Next Level.

We work according to the latest teaching programs, under the European standards.

Exelent working conditions

Highly equipped classrooms - (video and audio presenting of the material)

We make preparation for TOEFL and IELTS certificate

The teachers working in this school are highly professional and experienced.

Learn foreign languages according to well known methods

The classes are complemented with creative, interactive teaching, in a very pleasant atmosphere.
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Learn Languages

The school organizes courses for children and adults

Standard courses start from the 15-th of September but the enrolment starts from the 1-st of September.

Learn foreign languages according to well known methods.
Number of the students in each group is from 5-10 students.

Courses for adults last 4 months, students have classes twice a week/ 60min. each class. The price is 1700 den. a month. At the end of each course they have a final test and get a diploma.

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Courses for children

Courses for children last 8 months, and they come 60min. twice in a week.
The price is 1400MKD for a month. There are 8 levels and at the end of each level they have a final test and they get a diploma.
Also we have courses for children from the first and second grade. Students at this age learn the language through play, drawing and singing songs. They come 45min. twice a week, the price is 1200den.
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Explore Our Wide Range Of Courses

The teachers working in this school are highly professional and experienced.

For First and Second Level Basic School Degrees
8 Levels, beginning from 3-th level of Basic School Degree
8 Levels. Every semester is one level
Can be visited after finishing 8th level degree
We learn from the textbooks published by a renowned German company Hueber.


01 - 16 Sep. 2023

Courses begin on

18 Sep. 2023


We offer the following types of translation:

At Alfabet, we ensuring accurate and reliable communication across languages. Our expertise spans three key areas: translation for legal equivalence, literary translation, and documents. Whether you need precise legal translations, captivating literary adaptations, or meticulous document translations, our skilled team of linguists is ready to assist you in achieving your goals on a few languages. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee the utmost professionalism and excellence in every translation project we undertake.

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